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NFT Biennial - X Media Art Museum!

The Biennial was exhibited in 8 different countries and 10 different venues, showcasing digital art from all around the world. 

The exhibition name is PostMembrane curated by me, the immersive NFT Exhibition organized by @xmediaartmuseum in collaboration with @thesandboxgame and @tezos as part of the @nftbiennial , featured the works of 8 artists from the field of digital art and contemporary arts, focusing on the relationship between ''Posthuman '' and ''Human Technology''

Thank you for all artists;
Ozan Atalan&Chong-ha & Peter Lee (as Antinomy)
Didem Erbaş
Erhan Özden
Hilal Özdemir
Hamza Kırbaş
Nergiz Yeşil
Meltem Şahin
Soliman Lopez

Video by @onurcevirmemedia

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