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The exhibition takes its name after the Automata Theory, which examines the mathematical interaction of man and machines, covers the story of a fictive machine. It leaves the audience, who cannot see but feel its existence by intuition, with the discovery process of the appearance and the functioning of this machine that is directly connected with the production process of the artists.

In an age that man becomes mechanized, the machine becomes humanized and contemporary is constantly questioned, the exhibition reinterprets theManifiesto Blanco which predicts that the developments in technology and science will provide new forms and new display options for the artworks day by day. This manifest, which is shaped in 1946 in Buenos Aires and claims that the technological and aesthetical attitude will change, covers the idea that the artists should design artworks while benefiting from the technological developments. Even though the term technological usually can be understood as ahead of its time, this manifest argues that the "technological" is contemporary. In this post-digital age which we could not separate the technology and production from each other, the exhibition that brings 17 artists who use different devices together, pushes us to question the changing aesthetic perception in this transition process.

Artists: Ahmet Duru, Ali Elmacı, Ali Şentürk, Alican Leblebici, Ayşe Hilal Ateş, Berk Yüksel, Elif Esen, Evren Erol, Gökçen Dilek Acay, Hasan İlkan Cebeci, Meliha Sözeri, Meltem Şahin, Murat Can Kurşun, Nur Gürel, Oğuz Emre Bal, Özcan Saraç, Özgür Ballı

Location: Mixer Gallery 
Duration: September – October 2017

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