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Artemis Gallery, Lisbon - Wired World

23/06/2023 – 1/9/2023

Wired World is approaching access to information, establishing the relationship between information and knowledge, and accessing it through digitalization. Rapid technological advances have led to a profound interdependence between information (data) and knowledge (understanding/processing information). Researchers hope to learn more about technology’s impact on human cognition, behavior, and relationships through this connection. Therefore, technology covers many creative, scientific, engineering, and digital advances, potentially improving many facets of human life. Technologies like the internet, robots, biotechnology, automation, artificial intelligence, and robotics are all part of this broader category. As humans, we can translate our natural language instructions into machine language. Therefore, in today’s interconnected society, the function of the human being is to be a connection between technological mediums and his own creative potential.

The exhibition encourages visitors to think outside the box when the theme relates to the intersection of technology and the human body, presenting it through the language of five different artists – Banz&Bowinkel, Can Büyükberber, ERROR-43, Flavia Mazzanti, and Sandrine Deumier – that are examining the crucial connection between technology and humans, bringing us some insights about the near future. All these languages offer a way of exploring the body in concrete and abstract forms, dealing with the theme of the body from different perspectives, narrating it through various mediums, and defining a narrative about the wired connection between technology and human beings.

Essay Esra Özkan

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