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Sezen Aksu Digital Art Exhibition Experience

The exhibition is based on Sezen Aksu's artistic life which has started with her coming from İzmir to İstanbul in the colorful musical
show era of the 70s and the 80s. She lest her significant mark on Turkish Pop in the 90s, then she showed an unwavering presence as
one of the most important figures of music in the 2000s. The exhibition combines the aesthetic language of digital art experience
with her life from the beginning of her career to her mastery. It offers a sincere connection between her and the audience by including
snippets of her personal life and her family photos.

The exhibition opens the doors to the storytelling of digital arts with a different perspective by establishing a link between analog
and digital. Lyrics, writings, poems, experiences that came to life in those eras show a historical integrity with the storytelling of the
exhibition making those memories revived and blended with today's technology of digital art.

The 25-minute exhibition experience creates a narrative that touches the history of Turkish pop music. Aksu is portrayed through her
cultural background and musical portfolio which reflects her inspiration from the lands she came from. She is one of the greatest
artists of the Anatolian land with her contributions to the cultural enrichment of Turkish music. She also sowed the earth with the

new artists she raised and made our lives loam.

The exhibition invites the audience to discover and participate in the life of Sezen Aksu. While this process invites you to an archive
and cultural accumulation, it also allows you to participate in her deep-rooted life with experimentation areas of the exhibition. The
exhibition, which also inspired the works of NFT, tells the story of the recent history of Turkish pop music with new technologies and
today's new communication method of NFT. At the same time, it preserves the taste, texture and experience of what a cultural
archive is, and puts the viewer at the focal center of this story. Covering 3 dimensions, this story presents Turkish pop music that
has changed over the years through the lens of Sezen Aksu and her music with an immersive narrative and a musical recital.

This comprehensive exhibition, where cinema, cultural archive, music and new technologies meet in 360 degrees, brings the songs
that we all know, sing and participate in to life with a different aesthetic visual and auditory experience.

Curator: Esra Özkan

Creatif Director @efuatgenc
Art Management @mustafagocmezler
Animation @fractal__noise
Design Team @aslieates @ece.haskan @irmakdurukan
Sound Design @node.sns

Exhibition Voiceover : Mert Fırat
DasDas Manager: Kerem Koç
Museum Asistant: Senem Yıldırım
Text Writer: Heja Bozyel
Motion Technology: Aura
Sound Technology : Asimetrik
Technic: Cihaner Nişanci, Burak Yılmaz, Kemal Badilioglu

Special Thanks to

İdil Fırat, Alper Baytekin, Barış Yetkin, Canan Çelik, Çağdaş Ertuna, DasDas Ekibi, Devrim Danyal, Itır Erhart, İlksen Başarır, Koray Candemir, Nihat Yıldırım, Ouchhh, Şenol Tekin, Yasemin Arslan, Yasevi Batuhan Zor

Sezen Aksu

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