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Design Week Turkey


Could a form comprised of a series of dots lead to destruction?

We are in dialog with the world itself and probably develop expectations through the ways of questioning and perception about the world from the very first days of humankind. We strive to perceive and construe the rhetoric of the world, and justify our answers based upon philosophical assumptions in quest for the answers of our expectations.
Technological progress recreates the nature, essence and forms of today’s world, and differentiates the ways of perceiving, imitating and understanding the forms. Emergence of the cognitive science alters these borders gradually and eliminates interdisciplinary lines. It promotes the emergence of interdisciplinary bonds and differences, thus formation of the new definitions.

The changes causing destruction in specific periods bring forward the “How to carry on in the face of constant changes in the art and design world?” question and several other discussions. The avant- garde embodies all disciplines and refers to the fact of “being the avant-garde of all times” keeping the spirit of changes alive. Kazimir Malevich, one of the eminent representatives of the avant-garde art, makes a reference to the avant-garde of that period, and says “the image that survives the work of destruction is the image of destruction” while leading the way for avant-garde approaches that are still alive today.

The exhibition addresses the fields that dissolve the borders through technology. It alsdraws a thickline between disappeared forms and couples up the junction points of the art and design in two axes.This concurrence shows itself as an object from the nature or as a sharp edge, sound, contact or reflection.

Interforms exhibition seeks out an answer to the “Could a form comprised of a series of dots lead to destruction?” question for design, science, art and technology through the language and aesthetics of the new world. It adopts an approach that creates the destruction as “inter-forms” and “beyond- forms” and that depicts the current avant-garde in a general framework.

Artists: Alper Derinboğaz / bang. Neuro / Berkay Buğdan & Orhan Kavrakoğlu / Candaş Şişman / Damla Sarı / Epitome  / Gökçen Dilek Acay / Hakan Yılmaz & Süleyman Yılmaz (Awesome Bros) & Mehmet Ünal / Kerim Dündar / Ömer Pekin / Selin Balcı / Varol Topaç

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