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Digital Ripples
NFT Series

The series focuses on the uniqueness in the dissemination of digital artworks in today’s networked society, and how digital artworks are shared across the internet, resembling ripples generated by a water droplet on a lake. In this context, Digital Ripples, as a work consisting of different layers, tell an abstract aesthetic story in each layer. The work builds on natural behaviors, such as multimodal flow, and the connection between visceral and auditory sensations. Digital ripples look for the memory in these waves and the source of the information in the memory in an unrefined intersection of nature, daily life, and music. The memory of the city, the change of the city, the flow of nature, the sharing of information, and the fluctuation of information are expressed verbally and visually in different parts of the work. 

An iterative design process was used in the work that the composition consists of visual reflections with words taught to artificial intelligence


Kivanc Tatar - Video and Artistic Director

Paul Paroczai - Sound Design

Esra Ozkan - Curator

Nancy Lee - Curator

produced with the support from the Canada Council for the Arts

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