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Moving Nature takes its inspiration from the artists who produce their works in their own digital universe by focusing on ecology and climate. The artists included in the selection reconstruct the curves of the parts of the world they have created within their ecosystems. Moving Nature meets the story of ever-moving nature with the audience from the perspective of artists meets its audience in an online exhibition by breaking its shell and bringing together different aesthetic perceptions.
The exhibition, Henry Driver takes a place with Secrets of Soil in which he shows how it can play a role in helping the fight against climate change and presents a rarely seen landscape of fungi, bacteria and other microscopic organisms, in the exhibition. The exhibition also hosts Jonathan Morgan's Den of Wolves video draws on a series of references to creat a new multi-layered mythology. It also includes NFTs by Pınar Yoldaş and international photographer Rızacan Kumaş focus on post-humanism, eco-nihilism and the anthropocene. It hosts the new media works adressed a reflection of nature by Selay Karasu, Osman Koc and Suleyman Yılmaz besides the editions of Tuba Unlu, Kyha Titrehan and Robert Steven Connett.

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