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If the experience can deliver an aesthetic creation, the art will extend beyond the retinal perception this leaving an authentic mark in the mind.Coming together with art, technology, forming one of the basic principles of contemporary approaches for knowing, perceiving and feeling the world, transforms in the light of our experiences from past to present, leaving a mark in the minds of humanity along with creating a new aesthetic language by blending the cultural elements of Mediterranean basin with global digital art language.  Throughout Plugin, the exhibition will address all new form understandings that are created by the artist in the laboratory and launched with the objective to offer unique experiences on their own, the bodily interaction of the audience, the influence that it receives from new conscience forms experienced, the source of RW. [material] and how it is perceived, how it communicates with the surroundings. It also presents the historical background of these processes through neo-archeological perspectives.

Artists: Alex Guevara / Aykut Cömert / Begüm Yamanlar / Betül Aksu / DECOL / Farhad Farzaliyev / Jessica Boubetra / Kerim Dündar & Mehmet Kemaloğlu / Mathieu Le Sourd (Maotik) / Nergiz Yeşil / Olivier Ratsi / Orkan Telhan / Pınar Yoldaş / RE.sole / Şölen Kıratlı & Hannah Wolfe / Umut Servan Koyunlu / Under 1 Minute

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